Grab direct bookings with Google Hotel Ads.

As millions of guests are searching for hotels on Google everyday.

What is Google Hotel Ads Commission Program (GHACP)?

A new program by Google that allows you to showcase your hotel directly in Google’s search results via advertisements. These ads connect with people looking for hotels in various locations. When they browse through the google ads, they will see options to book with the hotel. Thus, the program makes it easier for hoteliers to reach to guests right when they are actively looking for hotels and ready to book- the most effective time for conversion.

eZee is Authorized Hotel Ads Integration Partner with Google
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This is where your Hotel Ads appear

When guests search for Hotels in ‘your region’, Google shows a list of hotels on search engine result pages. If you are enrolled in this program, your hotel also appears here through Google hotel finder.

And yes..These are Direct Bookings

Yes, that’s right. The bookings that you get from these hotel advertisements, Google will send them directly to your own hotel website. You pay charged commission only to Google. Hence, you will receive direct bookings through this program.

How can your hotel benefit from Google Hotel Ads?

  • Higher direct bookings & revenue
  • Lower commission than OTAs
  • Modern online distribution
  • Your amenities showcased
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How to launch your Google Hotel Ads campaign?

First things first, you need to work with Google’s Integration Partner for Hotel Ads. eZee is Authorized Hotel Ads Integration Partner with Google. Hence, through eZee, you can provide your hotel's rates and availability to Google hotel finder and we will manage hotel ad campaign for you..

It’s okay if you have questions. See, here we have answered them already!

How will I pay the charged commissions?

Invoicing is done through eZee. We receive your confirmed booking report of the previous month. You check it, give it a go, and we make a payment to Google for that invoice. We then bill you for the corresponding amount.

How much is the commission? And when do I pay it?

It starts from 10%. The invoice will be generated monthly for you, after the client’s stay. That means, you pay to Google after your guest has paid you. This way you can maintain profitability with sufficient bookings if your property is small or medium in size. Contact us for more details.

Modified/Cancelled/No-show Booking? Do I still pay for it?

No definitely not. Under Google Hotel Ads Commission Program you are only charged when a guest actually stays at your property. No show and cancelled bookings are removed while charging commission. Contact us for detailed guidance.

What if you do not join Google Hotel Ads?

There are millions of searches made for hotels on Google all the time. Then why not you enter with your own property to the Google Hotel Ads Commission Program and get more direct sales? That means umpteen potential bookings are there for you to grab though these ads, that you might miss if you are not enrolled.

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